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Routing Instructions are used by the rail carrier to determine which rail carriers to hand your railcar over to, and at what interchanges you would like this to happen. These instructions, combined with the origin station, and destination station, are integral to the most efficient movement of your railcar, and are mandatory to have proper billing in place.


Whether you are shipping cars from a different carrier to the SSR, or loading on the SSR and shipping your commodities to destinations located on a different carrier, the routing basics are the same.​ The following routing instructions can assist you in getting your commodities to the correct location. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about these routing instructions.



Routing from CP to SSR

Routing from CN to SSR

Routing from SSR to CP

Routing from SSR to CN

CP -> Richa -> SSS

CN -> Regin -> CP -> Richa -> SSS

SSS -> Richa -> CP

SSS -> Richa -> CP -> Regin -> CN

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